For those of you who are keeping us in your prayers, this page has several specific things you can pray for us about.  We update it regularly, so any time you want to know what you can pray for us about, you can always check here!  And for prayer about the nation of Madagascar, we have a “Madagascar News” page that you can always check for up-to-date news, so you’ll know how to pray for the nation.


1) Praise God that we’re now at 100% of our monthly support and expected needs!  We recently wrote and asked for help, many of you responded, and now all of our monthly support is pledged and all of our expected upcoming needs are met.  God is a good God and he always provides for all of our needs!  We also want to thank all of you who responded with support, whether through encouragement, prayer, or giving.  Thank you all for joining this work with us!


2)  Please pray for our teammates, the Orners, as they return to Madagascar and Nosy Mitsio soon (leaving the US on June 23rd).  They’ll be heading back before us, getting re-situated on the island and getting our team boat seaworthy again, and they’ll be re-initiating ministry.  Please pray for safe travels for their family, for their health and safety as they’re on Nosy Mitsio alone for a few months before we return to join them, and especially for the ministry – that they’d be able to easily join the Holy Spirit in the work he’s been doing to draw the Antakarana to him during our absence.


3) Please pray for our remaining few months in the US.  We’ve had a wonderful time so far traveling and visiting with many different churches and home groups, with supporters, with long-time friends, and especially with our family.  It’s been a very refreshing and encouraging time so far.  We’ve just got a few months left in the US before we head back to Madagascar in September, and we still have quite a bit of traveling left and more churches to share with.  Please pray that we’d be an encouragement to the churches and Christians we visit, and pray that our last month in the US would be an opportunity to focus on time with family, to enjoy the time we have together now before we’re away again for several more years.


4) Pray for the people of northern Nosy Mitsio during a “land grab” conflict.  A wealthy businessman wants to build a large tourist resort on Nosy Mitsio and he’s made many big promises to the local people if they accept it.  However, the people have recently learned that the agreement requires all the people of northern Nosy Mitsio to be removed from their villages, their ricefields, their cemeteries, and other sites important to them.  It would affect approximately 10 villages and several hundred people.  Reportedly, large sums of money have already been paid to the regional government, but without the local government’s involvement – who would normally be responsible for such agreements.  The people of Nosy Mitsio feel like they’ve been greatly tricked, but some are afraid that the rich people will resort to violence to get what they want.  Please pray that God’s justice will reign in this: that people will not be forcibly removed from their land, that self-interest and corruption will not be prosperous, and that God will judge everyone involved.  Pray also that this would be an opportunity for the people of Nosy Mitsio to seek and find the just and loving God who defends the cause of the poor and helpless, as seen in Jesus.


5) Pray for the Holy Spirit to be triumphant in the spiritual warfare happening on Nosy Mitsio.  Towards the end of last year, many many people on Nosy Mitsio were being oppressed greatly by their ancestral spirits, possessing them, making them sick, bringing strife to their villages, and more.  All this oppressive spiritual activity has also hindered the ability for us and our team to share Bible stories during our most recent time on the island.  Many local people have expressed frustration at this spiritual oppression, but they’re still too afraid to not try to appease their ancestral spirits and are still not ready to put their trust in Jesus.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal himself in power and triumph over the spirits that oppress the Antakarana of Nosy Mitsio, that they would see his truth and love and be able to put their trust in Jesus.


6) Please pray for upcoming ministry on Nosy Mitsio and in northern Madagascar.  During our final time with our team this past term, we were able to strategize for future ministry efforts in 2017: ways to go more in-depth and more strategic in the ministry on Nosy Mitsio, and to increase our partnership with other Christians in northern Madagascar for a more comprehensive outreach to all the northern peoples.  While transitioning out of Nosy Mitsio in December for home assignment in the US, a potentially great opportunity for Christian ministry partnership through Ambilobe (the nearest town on the mainland) has arisen.  Praise God that he’s already providing opportunities as we look forward to continuing ministry!  Pray also that God would give us wisdom in all of these areas, that we would move forward only as he guides us, that we would say “yes” to the right people/opportunities and “no” to the wrong people/opportunities.  Above all, pray that God’s Kingdom would be planted on Nosy Mitsio, in northern Madagascar, and that it would grow to encompass all the unreached people in this part of the world!