For those of you who are keeping us in your prayers, this page has several specific things you can pray for us about.  We update it regularly, so any time you want to know what you can pray for us about, you can always check here!  And for prayer about the nation of Madagascar, we have a “Madagascar News” page that you can always check for up-to-date news, so you’ll know how to pray for the nation.


1) Praise God that we have a new teammate, our Malagasy YWAM co-worker, Narindra, who will be joining us in Ambilobe for long-term outreach to the Antakarana!  We will have an orientation training for her here in Tana tomorrow, and she will join us in Ambilobe in early October.  Please pray that Narindra has safe travels, is well-provided for, and adjusts well to this new part of the country and new ministry.  Pray also for Lora and I as it will be our first time as leaders on a multi-cultural team… pray especially that together as a team we’ll all be led by the Holy Spirit to participate in his work of reaching the Antakarana in our area.


2) Pray for the people of Nosy Mitsio after a recent tragedy.  Every five years many Antakarana gather from all over and go to Nosy Mitsio to our former village and make big sacrifices to their ancestors there.  Several overly full boats were headed out there last week and one boat sunk along the way and at least two people drowned!  A friend of ours owned the boat and many of his passengers when it sunk were also our friends and former neighbors, though so far it doesn’t sound like either of the two that drowned were people we personally knew well.  Please pray for the families of those who died and pray for the Antakarana as a whole!  The main motivation for doing these sacrifice ceremonies is to appease the ancestral spirits and ask for their blessings and protection.  Please pray that the Antakarana will see that these spirits they worship do *not* protect them and do *not* bless them, and pray that their eyes will be opened to see the truth of Jesus, his love for them, and the eternal blessings of being with him.


3) Please continue to pray for us in this new season and new ministry location in Ambilobe, that we will hear the voice of God and join in with his plans for reaching the Antakarana people in this area.


4) Please pray for Madagascar during the upcoming Presidential election in November.  Earlier this year there were demonstrations and a few deaths, but things have been peaceful for several months now.  Please pray that when the election happens in November, that it will be a just election, that people of opposing political parties will accept the results, and that God will work through the new President to bring prosperity and an increased openness to the Gospel to the people of Madagascar.

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