For those of you who are keeping us in your prayers, this page has several specific things you can pray for us about.  We update it regularly, so any time you want to know what you can pray for us about, you can always check here!  And for prayer about the nation of Madagascar, we have a “Madagascar News” page that you can always check for up-to-date news, so you’ll know how to pray for the nation.


1) Please pray for the people of Nosy Mitsio as a sickness has been spreading which has killed several babies.  Every year when the rains come, some villages’ wells get contaminated and often spread a sickness.  This year a sickness that causes strong vomiting has caused several babies to die suddenly and quite a few other people have also gotten sick.  It’s really a tough time for the people of Nosy Mitsio to be dealing with these deaths and this sickness.  Most people have started to boil their water and the sickness seems mostly past.  But please continue to pray for the people of Nosy Mitsio to be protected from this sickness and any others that would spread at this time, and pray that their hearts would be opened to see and know the eternal love of God which comforts us in our tragedies and which promises a renewed world free of sickness and death.


2) Please pray as our friend Nuckiline comes to visit Nosy Mitsio for the rest of December and the first half of January.  Please pray that people would enjoy her presence and be drawn to the stories of Jesus that she’ll be sharing with them.  Nuckiline is a Christian Antakarana lady from Ambilobe (the town on mainland Madagascar where we shop for supplies) who’s been a big help to us and our team for years now and she’s growing greatly in her desire to reach out to her fellow tribespeople, that they would know Jesus as she does.   She was going to have another Christian Antakarana friend (whose personal testimony includes being set free from possession by ancestral spirits) also join us for this time, but her friend is sick and probably won’t be joining us this time.  Pray for Nuckiline’s friend, Mamani’Sania, to be healed of her sickness and for an enthusiasm in her to grow to reach out to other Antakarana oppressed by their ancestral spirits.  Pray also that Mamani’Sania would be able to join us on Nosy Mitsio and testify boldly next time.  Praise God that Nuckiline has told us she wants to come to Nosy Mitsio for ministry every few months going forward!  Pray especially that Nuckiline’s time with us now will be fruitful and that Nuckiline would continue to be encouraged and excited to invest in the Antakarana people of Nosy Mitsio for a long time to come.


3) Please be praying for Madagascar to be protected from the plague!  The plague has broken out in Madagascar again this year (that’s the same plague as the “black death), but it seems to be spreading more quickly and in wider areas this year and killing more.  We’ve avoided the plague in our travels within Madagascar so far, and since it mainly affects urban populations, we should no longer be at risk for it on Nosy Mitsio.  Praise God that in recent weeks the plague spreading has slowed down, after infecting over 2000 people and killing over 200.  Pray that plague will continue to slow and be stopped, and that preventative measures will be effective for many years going forwardPray also for us that as we travel to Tana (one of the worst-affected areas by the plague) for visa paperwork in January, that we would continue to be protected from it.


4)  Please pray for Amelia Delorenzo, a young lady who has joined our team in a support role for 7 months on Nosy Mitsio.  She’s helping to homeschool Matimu and the Orners’ children to help free up time for all of us to be further engaged in ministry efforts on Nosy Mitsio.  She will be with us from October 2017 to May 2018.  Praise God that she’s had a good start with the homeschooling so far and with adjusting to the lifestyle on Nosy Mitsio!  Pray also that God would comfort her in homesickness and the regular challenges of living on Nosy Mitsio. 


5) Please continue to pray for upcoming ministry on Nosy Mitsio and in northern Madagascar.  We’re still seeking God to find the best way to speak to and act towards the people in a way that would help them to take the step of faith towards trusting in Jesus.  Please pray that the Holy Spirit would speak to us in the times we pray and seek his direction!  We’ve also been presented with several opportunities to include Malagasy Christians in our ministry to the Antakarana (including our Antakarana friend, Nuckiline, as mentioned above).  Praise God that some doors are opening for people from a closer culture to testify and please pray that these opportunities would be fruitful, resulting in Antakarana people following Jesus in a well-founded faith that reproduces in others!  We as a team are also seeking the best avenues to practically demonstrate God’s love to the people of Nosy Mitsio, whether it be through community healthcare involvement, English teaching (as many have requested), or participating in the local school or other community activities.  Please pray that God would give us and our team wisdom to effectively invest our time in the areas God’s choosing to work through.  Above all, pray that God’s Kingdom would be planted on Nosy Mitsio, in northern Madagascar, and that it would grow to encompass all the unreached people in this part of the world!

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