For those of you who are keeping us in your prayers, this page has several specific things you can pray for us about.  We update it regularly, so any time you want to know what you can pray for us about, you can always check here!  And for prayer about the nation of Madagascar, we have a “Madagascar News” page that you can always check for up-to-date news, so you’ll know how to pray for the nation.


1) Please be praying for Madagascar to be protected from the plague!  The plague has broken out in Madagascar again this year (that’s the same plague as the “black death), but it seems to be spreading more quickly and in wider areas this year and killing more. Pray that Malagasy people will be protected and that resources will be available to limit its spread. We’ve avoided the plague in our travels within Madagascar so far, and since it mainly affects urban populations, we should no longer be at risk for it when we get to Nosy Mitsio.


2) Please pray for us as we settle back into Nosy Mitsio.  We’ve had a good start back on the island, but we’ve been busy with rethatching our roof and generally settling back in.  We’ve also had several good spiritual conversations with people, but we’re seeking to know the best way to move forward as a team at this time, to find the open doors through which God can reveal his truth and salvatoin.  Pray for us as a team, that God would give us insight into the work he’s doing and the way we as a team should join him in it.  Pray for open doors among the Antakarana people, in our own villages and in villages further away.


3) Praise God that our good friend (and big help to our work), Nuckiline, has met with another Christian Antakarana lady and they both want to come to Nosy Mitsio for a month in December/January to help minister and share the gospel!  Nuckiline’s Christian friend, Mamani’Sonia grew up in a traditional Antakarana lifestyle and was possessed by the same sort of spirits that so many on Nosy Mitsio suffer from.  But for about ten years now she’s been free from these spirits and is eager to testify to others!  This will be an amazing witness and testimony to the people on Nosy Mitsio, who believe that being set free from the spirits that possess them is impossible and that to ignore them would bring death.   Pray for there to be an open house and open hearts to receive them on Nosy Mitsio in December.  Pray for Nuckiline and her friend as they grow in Christ and prepare to witness to their fellow Antakarana.   Pray that other Malagasy believers would follow the calling to missions among the unreached in Madagascar.


4)  Please pray for Amelia Delorenzo, a young lady who has joined our team in a support role for 7 months on Nosy Mitsio.  She’s helping to homeschool Matimu and the Orners’ children to help free up time for all of us to be further engaged in ministry efforts on Nosy Mitsio.  She will be with us from October 2017 to May 2018.  Please pray that her time on Nosy Mitsio will be a benefit to us and to her, and especially to the Antakarana people.  Pray also that she would have good health and peace of mind and be freed from anxiety as she does something she’s never done before. 


5) Please pray for upcoming ministry on Nosy Mitsio and in northern Madagascar.  During our final time with our team this past term, we were able to strategize for future ministry efforts in 2017: ways to go more in-depth and more strategic in the ministry on Nosy Mitsio, and to increase our partnership with other Christians in northern Madagascar for a more comprehensive outreach to all the northern peoples.  While transitioning out of Nosy Mitsio in December 2016 for home assignment in the US, a potentially great opportunity for Christian ministry partnership through Ambilobe (the nearest town on the mainland) has arisen.  Praise God that he’s already providing opportunities as we look forward to continuing ministry!  Pray also that God would give us wisdom in all of these areas, that we would move forward only as he guides us, that we would say “yes” to the right people/opportunities and “no” to the wrong people/opportunities.  Above all, pray that God’s Kingdom would be planted on Nosy Mitsio, in northern Madagascar, and that it would grow to encompass all the unreached people in this part of the world!

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