For those of you who are keeping us in your prayers, this page has several specific things you can pray for us about.  We update it regularly, so any time you want to know what you can pray for us about, you can always check here!  And for prayer about the nation of Madagascar, we have a “Madagascar News” page that you can always check for up-to-date news, so you’ll know how to pray for the nation.


1) Please pray for us and for future ministry to the Antakarana.  There was recently a big change to our team structure which has a major impact on us and on the ministry on Nosy Mitsio.  We hope to share more details with you in the next month or two, but for now we’re praying and seeking clarity from God regarding the next step he would have us take, according to his will.  Please pray that God would give us clarity and direction regarding the ministry he’s called us to, and please pray that the God’s Kingdom would be fruitful on Nosy Mitsio in spite of recent changes.


2) Praise God that Narindra, our Malagasy co-worker in YWAM, had a great two months on Nosy Mitsio!  She was very well received by the people and she did a great job adapting to the local way of life and in beginning to learn the local language.  She learned a lot about how to reach unreached peoples and God really deepened her understanding of pioneer ministry and her sense of call towards the unreached.  We hope that Narindra will join our team in long-term ministry to the Antakarana, but she’s still seeking clarity from God to be sure.  Please pray that God would give Narindra clarity in the next step he has for her, that she would fully trust God to meet all her needs, and that in response God would bless her abundantly.


3) Please pray for Madagascar during the political season this year.  There have already been demonstrations, strikes, and at least two deaths.  Madagascar has had an unstable political situation since at least 2009, and it has really hurt the country’s economy and resulted in a number of small-scale clashes and a few deaths.  Please pray that God would humble those seeking power on all sides, that his peace would reign, and that any political transitions this year would be peaceful.  Pray also that the political unrest doesn’t delay our regular residency applications for staying in Madagascar.

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