Ku Hisa Ngopfu!

We hear that almost 100 times a day.  “It’s very hot!” may sound like a boring conversation topic, but when it’s actually this hot every day, there’s really not much else worth saying. At 24 degrees south of the equator, the tropical climate is really starting to heat up around here.  As we hear reports of snow back home in the Northern Hemisphere, we’re trying to survive blistering days of well over 100 degrees Fahrenheit.  It’s amazing what a difference another 10 latitudinal degrees from the equator can make.  The sun itself just feels hotter. And when we think...

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Third-World Celebrities

Lora and I have been living and working in our rural village here in South Africa for several months now.  Before arriving, we were hoping that people would be glad we’re here and available to help.  We even expected a bit more attention than we were used to, for a variety of reasons.  But we had no idea what it’d be like to be full-blown celebrities here. We’re not actually famous celebrities everywhere in South Africa, mainly just in our little portion of it.  But here, we definitely are celebrities, whether we like it or not.  I’ve never been...

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Adjusting is definitely more than just living arrangements.  One of the first areas we’ve had to adjust to is the drastic difference in climate here… both in temperature and humidity.  Though we’ve been here at our village for just over a month now, I can say it’s only in the last week or two that the issue of water has really begun to sink into our psyches.  What the water issue really comes down to is a huge shortage of it… this year especially.  Living with such a scarcity of water, it really teaches us the value of something...

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Welcoming the Stranger

There are a number of obstacles to any kind of work here in South Africa, and only some of them have to do with physical resources.  One of the biggest and most widespread challenges that we frequently encounter is racial or tribal prejudice.  Sometimes it’s based strictly on skin color; South Africa certainly has a bad history of breaking people of different shades into different categories for the purpose of oppression and control. But sometimes prejudice here rears its ugly head as tribalism or xenophobia (fear of strangers).  Many people in South Africa, including those who have historically been...

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Video Introduction

Watch this video for an introduction to the Antakarana people and our work among them

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