Welcoming the Stranger

There are a number of obstacles to any kind of work here in South Africa, and only some of them have to do with physical resources.  One of the biggest and most widespread challenges that we frequently encounter is racial or tribal prejudice.  Sometimes it’s based strictly on skin color; South Africa certainly has a bad history of breaking people of different shades into different categories for the purpose of oppression and control. But sometimes prejudice here rears its ugly head as tribalism or xenophobia (fear of strangers).  Many people in South Africa, including those who have historically been...

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Erratic Weather Threatens Livelihood Of Rice Farmers In ...

NPR - 1 week ago
All his life, 56-year-old Jeanpier Marolahy has been growing rice in eastern Madagascar, on the steep hills that slope down from the central...

Vanilla pod shortage due to Cyclone Enawo in Madagascar

The Straits Times - 1 day ago
Cyclone Enawo destroyed a substantial part of Madagascar's vanilla plantations, which reduced production rates by 30 per cent on the island....

Madagascar's heritage site that few can reach

BBC News - 2 weeks ago
Located on Madagascar's remote west coast, the national park is only accessible by dirt road, which becomes an unnavigable quagmire for six...

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