Loss for Words

After a long walk down a rugged dirt road, we arrived at the main road into town and climbed on a “taxi be.”  At our old house here in Antsirabe, we were able to walk just about anywhere we needed to go because of its close proximity to the major markets.  After our move to our new home, we regularly take the public “taxi be” for getting to the middle of town. On this particular ride, as Adam and I were talking, a young man sitting in front of us for most of the way finally gathered up the...

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Putting Others First

During our first few weeks in Madagascar, we had some Malagasy friends staying with us.  As we sat down for dinner with them one night, I looked at the amount of food that had been prepared and wondered if there was enough.  There were five of us including our friend, his wife and child.  I took my portion first and kept it small.  I continued to watch as each person took a portion for their first helping. Inside, I began to get a bit worried…”Oh no, I won’t be able to get more!”  There was only a little left!...

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Moving Forward, Looking Back

We arrived in South Africa on July 17, 2008 knowing we had committed ourselves to a two-year volunteer service with the United States Peace Corps.  Emotions were high as we left everyone and everything we knew back home and embarked on a new way of life.  We had no idea all the challenges and joys that South Africa had in store for us.  Now we are preparing ourselves to leave, having completed a few months past our two-year term. Over the course of our service, you have read many stories about our experiences here.  You’ve read about what it’s...

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On The Other Side Of The World

Hi everybody.  I thought that I, Lora, would try my hand at writing one of these newsletters.  I found it quite difficult to put into words how my experience in South Africa has affected and changed me. I was at the river one Saturday doing my washing, and when I finished I went for a swim with all the children who were already playing in the water.  This side of the river had a different atmosphere.  It is nearer to the side of the village we stay in, so many of these children are over at our house daily...

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Video Introduction

Watch this video for an introduction to the Antakarana people and our work among them

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Erratic Weather Threatens Livelihood Of Rice Farmers In ...

NPR - 1 week ago
All his life, 56-year-old Jeanpier Marolahy has been growing rice in eastern Madagascar, on the steep hills that slope down from the central...

Vanilla pod shortage due to Cyclone Enawo in Madagascar

The Straits Times - 1 day ago
Cyclone Enawo destroyed a substantial part of Madagascar's vanilla plantations, which reduced production rates by 30 per cent on the island....

Madagascar's heritage site that few can reach

BBC News - 2 weeks ago
Located on Madagascar's remote west coast, the national park is only accessible by dirt road, which becomes an unnavigable quagmire for six...

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