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Since our last month’s newsletter, many things have been happening in our lives here in Madagascar. So here’s a quick update: My sister came to visit and experience Madagascar with us for a few weeks. Matimu had his first birthday and is now standing up, climbing, and cruising around the room on his own! Our first phase of learning here in Madagascar is finished…

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2 days ago

Willards in Madagascar -
We enjoyed taking the Missionary Care Foundations Course for the last few weeks here at YWAM Worcester. We think that what we learned and discussed will be really helpful for us with future teams in Madagascar!

We enjoyed taking the "Missionary Care Foundations Course" for the last few weeks here at YWAM Worcester. We think that what we learned and discussed will be really helpful for us with future teams in Madagascar! ... See MoreSee Less

Proud to have our son, Matimu, lead our family in our "discovery Bible study" this morning! He chose to study Jesus's resurrection in Luke's Gospel (23:55 - 24:12), which is of course appropriate as we anticipate Easter next weekend. (Though I don't think Matimu is really aware Easter is next weekend, nor which particular event it signifies - so what a happy coincidence!)

The line that really stuck out to us today was from verse 5, "Why do you look for the living among the dead?" We often get caught up in the grief of past injuries and deaths, so much so that we can even forget the incredible promises that Jesus made in the midst of them. Yet our God is alive! Even in horrible deaths and betrayals, he works his resurrection power, bringing a new life that far outshines the pain that came before. So why do we keep looking back to that place of death? Let us instead look and see what God has made alive!
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1 month ago

Willards in Madagascar -

I had an awesome week at the global YWAM Frontier Missions regional leaders' conference! It was our first time to be at a gathering like this and it was so encouraging to be with people who share with us the same passion for reaching the unreached and the same vision for seeing disciples and churches multiplied among them. We had so many great times of prayer and fellowship and discussion and feedback with one another.

Many of you know that we've been discouraged lately with the circumstances of the work in northern Madagascar and we've felt very much alone in our efforts. But being with our co-workers in YWAM Frontier Missions this past week has helped us see that we're not at all alone (even if we're often distant from others) and we can see that God is doing amazing works around the world! We also learned that it's not uncommon for many places and people groups to take many many years (many more years than we've already invested) of difficult work and perseverance before disciple-making movements can begin, yet God is faithful! So it's been so encouraging for us!

It was also my privilege to serve at the conference by being the primary driver for taking people to/from the airport, and to/from the conference facilities each day. During the last 9 days I drove over 2,200 km (1,350 miles)! And I was still able to participate in all the meetings and group sessions each day (and Lora Willard and the kids were able to join me for the last few days). So it was a very full week, but very much worth it! God is blessing us in this time!
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So glad you're getting the encouragement you need. Blessings to you and your family.

Was an amazing time!


1 month ago

Willards in Madagascar -

We had a really great time at the staff conference this week at YWAM Worcester! It was so refreshing to hear from others who've been led by God to pioneer new ministries in very challenging and sometimes dangerous situations, to hear of their perseverance and God's faithfulness to them and through them, and to hear about the principles and truths that God has taught them throughout it all. Much of it were things we've also learned over the last 5 years or so, but it was so great to also hear it from others, and to hear of the great results that God eventually accomplished through them, and to be encouraged to keep moving forward ourselves.

And this coming week I'm very excited to help support the global YWAM Frontier Missions regional leaders conference! It will be full of people whose passion and efforts are specifically geared towards reaching unreached people groups all around the world and who use the same sort of strategies and who have the same vision we do. I've already met a few of them and they've been super kind, and it's already been similarly refreshing to hear their stories of hardship, perseverance, and God's faithfulness. So I imagine a whole week with them will be awesome! Please pray for Lora and the kids though while I'll be gone for a week, because they aren't able to come with me this time.
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Am praying for you and your family

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