We’re now back in the US and settling in.  E-mails are typically our easiest form of communication (as we can manage them as we have time), but you can also call or send mail.

E-mail us!   If you’re contacting us about something urgent, please write “URGENT” in the subject line and we’ll read it and respond as soon as possible.  We will eventually reply to all our e-mails, usually within 1 week or so, but sometimes it’s delayed much further depending on circumstances at the time.  Feel free to e-mail either of us at:

Adam Willard:    MadagascarAdam at gmail . com

Lora Willard:   LoraWillard at gmail . com

Call us!  We now have our phone numbers in the US:

Adam Willard: +1 479 276 2183

Lora Willard: +1 479 208 3689

Write us!   Here is our long-term address:  

Adam & Lora Willard
1710 Ridgeview Dr
Springdale, AR 72762

            We look forward to hearing from you!