For those of you who are keeping us in your prayers, this page has several specific things you can pray for us about.  We update it regularly, so any time you want to know what you can pray for us about, you can always check here!  And for prayer about the nation of Madagascar, we have a “Madagascar News” page that you can always check for up-to-date news, so you’ll know how to pray for the nation.


1) Praise God that we’re finally seeing some Antakarana people enthusiastic about being discipled as followers of Jesus!  After many years of ministry to the Antakarana here, these are the first results we’ve seen, and it’s growing: now there is also another discipleship group here in town (led by our closest ministry partner), and a large discipleship group in a nearby village.  Pray that God would give them strength and give all of us wisdom, that they would be discipled into maturity and fruitfulness, and that they would empowered and motivated to go and make other disciples.  Please pray that many more Antakarana would come to know Jesus during this time and that thriving Antakarana churches would be planted and multiplied!

2) Please pray for Madagascar during the time of the coronavirus, as very much of the population here would be classified as “vulnerable” to the threat of COVID-19.  Praise God that so far the disease hasn’t become a huge outbreak here in Madagascar.  Still, it has spread much more widely over the last couple of months including up here to the north and to our town and district of Ambilobe.  There seem to be major shifts in the mood of people about taking the disease seriously and following stated precautions and then changing their minds and thinking it won’t affect them and wanting to do everything the way they did it before.  I’m sure this is a common response in many parts of the world.  Here in Ambilobe, the only two doctors at the public hospital are in strongly at-risk categories if they should catch COVID-19, and so currently neither are working (in order to try to avoid catching the disease) and there is no one to replace them.   Please pray that the people here would do their best to help limit the spread of the disease, that they would be faithful that way in their concern for their communities.  Please pray especially for those here who are most vulnerable, that God’s grace would protect them.  Please pray that Madagascar (both the governing authorities and the general population) will not become fatigued in the fight against the new coronavirus.  Please pray that the recent surge in the disease spread in Madagascar would already be truly past its peak and that it will die out throughout the country.

3) Please pray for Nuckiline, our primary ministry partner here in Ambilobe.  She’s been faithful and committed to the work here and a real joy to spend time with regularly during our prayer and Bible times together, and in working together for God’s Kingdom.  Currently her personal livelihood is entering a new season that is often very busy and tiring for her.  On top of that, she’s very worried for her mother here in town, who is very at-risk for coronavirus.  Please pray that God would encourage and strengthen Nuckiline, giving her good partners and workers in her business, enough times of rest, and wisdom in her decision-making and to know how to balance her time between her professional work and her involvement in ministry to the Antakarana people.  And also please pray especially that local people now being discipled for the first time in their lives would also be empowered to turn and disciple others, so that the movement would begin and spread!

4) Praise God that the last few months of outreach in Antanamazava (a village not far from Ambilobe) has been very successful!  We’ve been meeting as a relatively small group in the center of the village for weekly discipleship times and the group is doing well (about 10 faithful ones, and a number of others who are interested in coming sometimes).  Many in the group report testimonies of their lives and families being transformed through God’s work in their lives!  We hope to start identifying leaders in the group soon, so that they can each begin to lead new discipleship groups in their village and beyond – thus discipling more people than we are able to do ourselves, and preparing the way for multiplication.  Please pray that these new disciples would have a growing hunger for following Jesus, and that they would be empowered and emboldened to share what they receive with others in their village and beyond, relying upon the power of the Holy Spirit and on no one else.  Please pray for us to recognize who the Holy Spirit has empowered as leaders to begin starting discipleship groups with others in their village, that we would be able to train them well and entrust them to spread the work further.  Finally, please pray for a move of God there, for signs and wonders that would amaze those who are still far from God, and to strengthen the faith of those beginning to follow him.

5) Please pray with us for a breakthrough among the Antakarana people!  We’re asking many people to intercede for them with this one prayer request.  Pray that the Holy Spirit would reveal himself in power, signs, and wonders, that Antakarana people would receive dreams and visions of Jesus, and that the way would be prepared to reap a harvest among them, for churches to be planted and multiply, and for a disciple-making movement that would reach all of northern Madagascar!

6) Please pray for Diana and her husband Jean, an Ecuadorian couple who are interested in joining our team in northern Madagascar soon.  They are still in Ecuador and making preparations to serve as long-term missionaries in Madagascar.  Due to current COVID-19 restrictions here in Madagascar, they’re not yet able to make definite plans for traveling here and beginning language learning.  Pray that God will strengthen their relationship with each other during this time and that he will continue to prepare them in any way necessary (including finances, training, and anything else) for serving him in Madagascar.  Pray that God would open the doors for them to come to Madagascar soon, in God’s right timing.  Pray that we would have discernment and wisdom in coaching them through this time period and helping them make decisions to prepare for future ministry here.

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