For those of you who are keeping us in your prayers, this page has several specific things you can pray for us about.  We update it regularly, so any time you want to know what you can pray for us about, you can always check here!  And for prayer about the nation of Madagascar, we have a “Madagascar News” page that you can always check for up-to-date news, so you’ll know how to pray for the nation.

1)  Thank you for your prayers during Adam’s recent short trip to Madagascar.  Praise God for a successful trip and accepted visa applications!  Everything is now ready for all of us to return to Madagascar and we’re hopeful to receive five years visas this time (please continue to pray for that favor).  We anticipate returning to Madagascar in October, so please pray for our final weeks in the US, that we’ll have good times with family, with churches and supporters, and that we’ll be able to smoothly arrange everything necessary in the time we have left.

2) Praise God that our time of sabbatical has been so fruitful!  God has used this time well, both to re-orient us towards his purposes and to re-strengthen us for continuing in his work in Madagascar.  Pray especially for us during the upcoming months, that each step we take will be ordered and directed by the Holy Spirit, for the purposes of growing God’s Kingdom in Madagascar; that we’ll faithfully fulfill the efforts God’s given to us and that he’ll complete his work!

3) Please pray for Diana, an Ecuadorian lady who is interested in joining our team in northern Madagascar soon.  Pray that God will prepare her in any way necessary (including finances, and relationships) for serving him in Madagascar.  Pray that we would have discernment and wisdom about the possibility of her joining our team.

4) Please pray for Narindra as she prepares to attend one of YWAM’s School of Frontier Missions.  Narindra has felt called by God to prepare for international missions work to unreached peoples, and she feels God directing her to more training and education in that regard.  The School of Frontier Missions is only currently available outside of Madagascar and that could present a big financial and logistical challenge for Narindra.  Pray that Narindra would have all her financial needs met to follow God in the way he’s called her, and that she would have wisdom in choosing when and where to go to do this, and how to make her preparations.