PHOTOS: Living Life on Nosy Mitsio, Dec 2013 – Nov 2014

These are all the photos since we found and purchased our team boat (Dec 2013), finished building and stocking all the homes of our team members, and went to Tana to pick them up in Nov 2014. During that whole time, we continued learning language, building relationships, getting used to life on Nosy Mitsio, and just getting ready for our team’s arrival. 153 photos

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Madagascar 5 Antenina Village Photos

All of these pictures were taken between August and October, during our trips out to the remote village of Antenina, where we taught about sanitation and health, as well as starting Bible studies with people who’ve never known about Jesus before, and eventually a vibrant reproducing church was planted. 167 photos

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Video Introduction

Watch this video for an introduction to the Antakarana people and our work among them

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We just heard the good news that in our part of Madagascar (and also any other part of the country without any cases of covid-19), the government has lifted the restrictions on gathering in groups!

So, we should be able to move forward on some of the ministry plans we've had put on hold during the time of coronavirus lockdowns in Madagascar. Praise God for this opportunity to continue ministry with no fear of health risks here! Pray for us as we hope to visit Antanamazava again this week or next, that we'll do exactly as God is leading us to forward his Kingdom there and from there.

Please continue to pray for other parts of Madagascar, those around Tamatave, Tana, and Fianarantsoa - the coronavirus continues to spread little by little there and thus their lives and travel remain restricted and with some fear of potentially spreading the disease to those with weak health.
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Things have been quiet here as we've followed the Madagascar government's efforts at keeping the coronavirus from spreading here in Madagascar. (So far it seems to be going very successfully.) For us that's meant a pause from our formal ministry meeting times, but we've still had some great times of prayer with our closest local ministry partner. And though things are quiet with *our* efforts, God has assured us that he's still working in the hearts and minds of the Antakarana people, drawing to him those he's chosen to be the leaders of his Kingdom movement among them.

This Easter season with so much craziness in the world, it helps us to remember that in Jesus, though we often go through periods of suffering and even death, his resurrection and new life is always the result! We've been praying regularly for many of you all around the world, that you would be safe and protected from the virus, or healed if you've already been in contact with it, and that through it all you would be aware of Jesus's presence. Through his death and resurrection, and the gift of his Holy Spirit, he's always with us in any time of trouble or sorrow. With Paul we can say, "though outwardly we are wasting away (or maybe sometimes we just feel that way), but inwardly we are being renewed day by day." We identify with Jesus in his death, that we might also hope to share with him in his resurrection. He is risen indeed!
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The Joy of the Lord be your strength.The covenant of Gods protection and preservation be upon you all in Jesus name.

Happy Easter Willards!!!! I hope you are doing good

God bless and keep you all safe and well 🙏🏻

We went back out to Antanamazava today (the first day in a week that had good enough weather! God prepares the way!) We weren't able to show the Jesus film yet because it was a long time before we found the head village official to discuss it with. But in the meantime we had a great talk with several people in the village, about our hopes for disciple-making in simple Holy Spirit-dependent ways. One lady really seems like she might be a "person of peace" there... she was talking about how she feels like whatever she receives from God she should freely share with others. She also said that she really felt like God called her to that village specifically (previously she lived in another area a ways from there) and that he has a specific task for her there, to help people know and follow him. As we shared more about simple reproducible discipleship methods and discipling people in their own language, she was very receptive.

Eventually we did find the head village official to speak with him and he said the door is open for us there. He showed us the place where we'll share the first part of the Jesus film (right in the center of the village). So we'll return Thursday evening to show the first part, to engage with people in discussion, and to see if anyone at that point wants to commit to meeting regularly for discipleship through Bible stories. (We should share the next part of the Jesus film the following week.)

We may not have achieved our plan for today, but I don't doubt that God has directed our paths! Pray that the person(s) of peace (if this lady or others) will become clear, that they'll take a strong leadership in the work there, and that they'll be able to spread it far and wide!
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Exciting...praying for those who need to hear God’s Word will be there Thursday!

May the first fruits of your work in this land be the vessels that God will use to establish your precious work by His Holy Spirit in Jesus name.

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