Adam hoeing the garden

Preparing the ground for a harvest

We are no longer in ministry in Madagascar – as explained here.  So we are no longer able to receive short-term visitors nor are we still receiving donations.  Please consider finding other ministries in Madagascar if you wish to visit and support.  The text below this is what was previously here.

We believe the church, the body of Christ, is an active and participative body, functioning and fulfilling its purpose because of each and every one of its members’ activity.  We are fulfilling our purpose in the body of Christ by living and working in Madagascar to spread the Kingdom of God.  We ask that you would also consider joining our work, and we especially ask that you would listen if you feel the Holy Spirit leading you to participate with us.

There are many ways that you could join us and support us in our efforts.  This article is a great summary of some of the best ways to support all missionaries (including us), to give you some basic ideas: 6 Ways You Can Support Missionaries.

We also love it when friends and family and supporters consider visiting us, to see firsthand the movement of the Kingdom of God in Madagascar.  You could possibly participate for a short (or long) time and it would definitely be a great encouragement to us!  Please contact us at least 3 months in advance if you’re considering a visit.  As pioneer missionaries in a challenging location, a visit may not work well for everyone.  The accommodation of your visit often depends a lot on the stage of ministry we’re in and how we can best incorporate your visit into our ongoing work.  It may also require you to set aside several weeks or even a month for travel.  But with enough time and plenty of flexibility and determination on your part we should be able to work out a visit and we would love to have you see what God is doing on this side of the world!

Sowing seeds in good ground, to produce a harvest!

Sowing seeds in good ground, to produce a harvest!

We also need plenty of people praying for us and for God’s work here and for the Malagasy people.  There are many things about life here that are difficult, and not just for us but also for the Malagasy people.  Their livelihood often depends on the weather, which has recently been made difficult by cyclones, floods, and droughts.  Along with pervasive tropical diseases and continuing political instability that makes access to resources difficult for most people, there are many reasons why all of us here need your prayer.  Here on our website, we have a regularly-updated prayer request page that you can reference any time for specific things we would like you to pray about.  And of course, you can always pray generally for us, our work, and the entire island of Madagascar.  And you can always let us know!  We love to hear that you’re praying for us.


Thank you so much for considering joining with us as we work together for the Kingdom of God in Madagascar!