“Mirary Krismasy sambatra!”

We’re wishing you a merry Christmas from warm and sunny Madagascar!  Though there may not be a white Christmas for us this year, we’ve been enjoying the great weather here and we’re excited to celebrate Matimu’s first Christmas with him.

Our first few months in Madagascar have been great overall and we’re learning the Malagasy language quickly.  We’re excited for the day that’s coming soon when we can use our new language to enter the lives of those in the rural coasts of Madagascar.

We hope that your Christmas, wherever you are, is filled with warmth, friends, and family and the joy of our King who came to our world to make all things new!

In Christ,
Adam, Lora, and Matimu Willard


"Mirary Krismasy sambatra!" - "We wish you a Merry Christmas" in Malagasy